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Setting up an Internet cafe

I'm planning to invest in an Internet cafe in our place. I am planning to have 10 Intel Pentium PCs on my cafe, all with Internet access. how do I set up, design, and implement a LAN? how do I set up a server (Win 2000 or Win NT 4.0)? What are the hardware/software requirements/checklists on implementing a LAN? Please give some insights on how to this.
Trying to get enough advice into a paragraph is gonna be tough -- so I'll pass the buck...

I suggest looking through some of the resources available on the w3 sites of the "service" oriented manufacturers... www.cisco.com / www.compaq.com / www.ibm.com.

Look for the small business/Internet startup areas -- they are typically crammed with stuff -- white papers etc. that you can read, download, sometimes even get the T-shirt.

https://www.cisco.com/warp/public/779/smbiz/ is a really great place to start. Loads of info.

Good luck, and send me a coffee mug when you are rich!
This was last published in October 2001

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