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Setting up a mini lab to get more hands on experience for CCNA

I want to study for the CCNA and would like to setup a mini lab to get more hands on experience. What do I need as far as equipment to learn the ins and outs for the exam? What would be the minimum? I have a Cisco 2500 router at my disposal and possibly other equipment thru work which is not on our network so my mistakes will not have an impact on our daily processes.
At a minimum, you'd want two Cisco 2500 or 2600 class routers, several PCs, and various types of interfaces including basic network (Ethernet of some kind), ISDN, and some kind of WAN technology. I'm told that e-Bay is a great source for used equipment, interfaces, and cables at low prices. You might also want to investigate online virtual labs for Cisco training and exams which do cost money (usually on an hourly fee basis) but would relieve you of having to obtain the equipment you'd need to set up your own lab.

Find a good Cisco exam prep site -- such as www.cramsession.com, www.cert-guide.com, www.examnotes.net, www.ccprep.com, and so forth. You can also find great individual or site-based collections of Cisco pointers at Web pages like http://members.tripod.com/nahomk/ciscolinks.html if you do some searching through Google. I'd also recommend looking for specific, detailed descriptions of setting up a lab like the one you describe in your e-mail, or trying to find somebody who's already done it to get some pointers and advice.

Good luck with your studies and with obtaining your CCNA and more!

This was last published in May 2003

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