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Setting up a Windows 2000 workstation to act as a Internet sharing router

How would I setup one of my Windows 2000 workstation to act as a Internet sharing router. I have four workstations that I need to connect to the Internet and I have one broadband connect.

Could you give me detail help on how I would go about accomplish this task?
Just follow these steps I have listed:

Step 1) Install a second LAN card in one of your PC's (one connect to Hub, another connect to broadband modem.)

Step 2) Connect the 4 PC with a Hub

Step 3) Set each PC with different IP address (I.E. PC1---, PC2---, PC3---, PC4---

Step 4) Ensure that you can see all four PCs appear on "My Network Place"

Step 5) Find the broadband dial-up connection icon inside "My Network Place"

Step 6) Right click mouse of it, then click to "Properties"

Step 7) Looking for a box which have ICS-internet connection sharing, then enable it

Step 8) Set the I.E. of other three PC's to make them connect Internet through LAN

This was last published in February 2003

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