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Seimes wireless

I just installed a Seimes wireless 2624 DSL router; support was really poor to get WEP going. What manufactures do you recommend and product lines for wireless access point and PCMCIA card for one laptop and a possible PDA? I'm thinking of something secure and easy to set up, etc. There are millions out there -- do you have any suggestions.
It's not really clear to me what kind of problem you are facing on WEP. So, if you want me to recommend a product -- there are many. Just to name few for basic home wireless I would say Linksys wireless access point router with a four port switch which is DHCP/Firewall/WAP (Model BEFW11S4), PCMCIA card Linksys model WPC11 and for PDA WCF11. If you are looking for more security features you can use Cisco WAP, it's a little expensive but you are more secure.

Linksys is easy to set up and I personally have not faced any major problems with their product. But don't expect too many features with this product line -- its basically good for home WAP.

This was last published in December 2002

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