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Security in airport wireless networks

I am hearing great things with wireless technologies these days. Perhaps you can enlighten me on ways that 802.11b is working well at all major airports and whether proper encryption is in place to prevent hackers from getting into these wireless systems. Thanks.
802.11 has truly become a part of the production networks in some major airports. Wireless baggage tracking systems are a good example. These networks, however, are still prone to some of the inadequacies of the security aspects of the 802.11 protocol. Airports have begun to address the problem by installing specialized access control mechanisms that are specifically designed for these types of shared public/private spaces. It won't be long before "hotspot" access will be widely available to commuters as they while away their layover time in the airport lounge. Access control and encryption becomes a very important piece of the network puzzle in these deployments, as there is only so much bandwidth available in a given area, thus creating an environment where public data may be mixing with private data while "crossing the airwaves." (Answered by Dave Juitt)
This was last published in May 2002

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