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Secure FTP

I enjoyed your description of how to configure secure FTP via SFTP on the client and SSH2 on the server. But I'm unclear on one point: Are both elements necessary for secure FTP to be effective, or is there any product that could be installed on the client side that would guarantee secure FTP with no implementation on the server?
This deals with an answer that predates me, but I'll try to help you. Secure FTP relying upon SSH2 requires there to be a server side component and a client. As to secure FTP without server implementation, there would have to be some sort of component on a server for handling secure communication, encryption/decryption, and protocol. Perhaps what you are asking is whether the server side elements are built in, and some guidance for that can be found at www.openssh.com. I hope that provides some help.
This was last published in September 2003

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