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Save the IP addresses

My company is running low on IP addresses. Without buying more IP addresses, is there any way I can deploy more PCs using DHCP and yet still utilize the current IP addresses?
Since you speak about purchasing additional IP addresses, I must assume that we are talking about real IP addresses live on the Internet.

There certainly are ways to save yourself IP addresses, but I do not know if this will apply to you because you do not mention what these IP addresses are used for. In the case that they are servers that offer specific services, you could possibly put a firewall in front of them and use Port Address Translation (PAT) map services to see internal private IP addresses, therefore saving yourself IP addresses. If you would like more information on how NAT/PAT works so you can examine if this is appropriate for you, please visit Introduction to Network Address Translation (NAT).

In the case that these real IP addresses are clients (e.g., dial-up clients of your ISP), then using any type of NAT will create problems and is not recommended.

This was last published in April 2005

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