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Rural wireless access

I've been watching/waiting for capability to wireless 'satellite link' (reasonable cost) that will enable me to utilize a laptop in rural areas (limited line of sight and/or poor signals) for Internet access. 56K data speed would be OK, but more would be better. Any suggestions?
Good luck. Wireless service is a great idea, except that it?s availability is very limited. There are several companies out there that provide this, such as GoAmerica, but service availability isn?t that great. I have a Ricochet modem with a GoAmerica account and work in New York City but still experience many problems connecting in different parts of the city. When I do connect, it?s great. Very fast, but the amount of times I can?t connect make using this product very frustrating. I would assume that rural areas would be virtually impossible at this point in time. I live in Long Island, which isn?t that rural and I can never get a connection. Don?t fret though; eventually wireless service will get much better. A few years ago cell phones had similar issues in rural areas, however, today they are much better. Be patient, I don?t see wireless service in rural areas being acceptable any time soon.
This was last published in October 2001

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