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Ricoh technician looking for a career change

I've been a Ricoh copier technician for over 12 years. I approach all problems with an open mind and I am a logical and detailed thinker. These qualities, I think help me to be an excellent problem solver. I have basic and well-rounded knowledge about computers and networking, but little hands on. I am very good with customer relations and professionalism. Please, my question is, for one who enjoys problem solving, along with the qualities I described. Can you recommend a career change in the field of IT that you think is suitable for me to pursue? Thank you.
Dear Haldon:
It sounds to me like you'd be ideally suited for a position in a technical support or a help desk operation. There are a few pretty good certification programs for help desk professionals that you might find useful to get your foot in the door; visit http://www.gocertify.com/helpdesk/ to see a list of the various offerings in this area. I recommend the Help Desk Institute's programs most highly, as they are the best developed (and recognized) within the industry right now.

Plus, if you're interested in moving into networking or other IT subject areas, you can steer your help desk or support activities in those directions, and probably expect to get some training to help you do your job better along the way. If you augment such training with other certifications (such as CompTIA A+ and Network+, and perhaps one or more network OS admin programs like CNE, MCSE, Solaris 8 NetAdmin, or so forth) you can prepare yourself to move into more of a typical IT position over time.

Good luck with your career change. I hope you find this information worthwhile; thanks for writing.

This was last published in July 2002

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