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Retrieve network resources and email after installing ISA Server 2004

After a Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition installation, learn how to retrieve email and access to network resources in this expert explanation on how to adjust your Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) security product.

I have Exchange 2000. I didn't have any problem when I dialed up to the server to retrieve my emails before, but since I've installed my ISA server I haven't been able to retrieve them. Can you help me?

I also had another question regarding the above: What is the rule in ISA 2004 Standard Edition that allows me to join the network and retrieve the users and groups from the Exchange Server?

Once you install Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition, the POP3, OWA and SMTP services are published through it. You will have to configure your ISA server for the same so as to retrieve your emails.

To gain access to network resources, configure your ISA to act as a VPN server that will enable a valid authenticated client to access authorized resources including managing users and groups.

For detailed guide on how to achieve this, please refer to Microsoft's Technet site.

This was last published in November 2008

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