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Remote access from Windows CE

I have been working in the Mobile CRM arena. The company I'm working for has a corporate LAN, in which a CRM server lies. I need to be able to perform remote access connections from my handheld (running Windows CE) to that LAN, by using VPN connectivity.

Now the big question: This corporation is running Nortel Contivity VPN routers to allow VPN LAN connectivity. I sincerely haven't heard of any Nortel VPN client for Windows CE.

Do you know if it would be possible to use some other kind of VPN client to connect to a Nortel VPN switch?
Although VPN support for Windows CE and Palm is at an early stage, you have several alternatives. I'm not aware of Windows CE support for the Nortel Contivity product line, but Cisco has begun supporting Windows CE and Palm through third party software licenses available for products such as their VPN-3030 Concentrator.

Alternatively, you might consider an SSL-based remote access to get broader device support. Companies like Neoteris and Netilla provide a VPN gateway that uses SSL instead of IPsec. The benefit is that you don't need a client, just a Web browser. These products do a great job of mapping from HTML on the client side to the applications and servers on the LAN side -- a process called reverse proxy.

I'll keep an eye on other CE solutions as they become available.

Hope this helps,

This was last published in July 2002

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