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Pursuing a niche specialization

I am an undergraduate majoring in business computing, I would like to have a niche specialization in either IS storage or IS security. What is the appropriate procedure especially if I must pursue this at Austin Texas (your Institute)?
To pursue niche specialization, you'll have to gain niche knowledge and experience. Additional training and/or certification is a great way to handle the knowledge part and to get some small modicum of experience; finding a way to work in your niche (even if only as an intern or part-time worker) will help you address the experience part. You can visit a site like Informit.com, Certmag.com, or GoCertify.com and look for the details on certs available in either niche (or visit my recent surveys of infosec certs here:

* vendor-neutral:

* vendor-specific:

(Alas, I've not surveyed storage certs, but you can find them easily at GoCertify by searching the Hardware category at the various cert levels--otherwise, the search engine can't show you everything--like End User, Basic, Intermediate, and so forth.)

This was last published in March 2004

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