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Proxy server information for Red Hat Linux

Hi! I have a question; Could you tell me about a page or link where I can start if I want to learn about proxy server, particularly with one running over Red Hat Linux. Thanks for your help!
Thank you for taking the time to pose your question. It?s been my experience that some administrators have attempted to substitute a proxy server for a firewall (regardless of the operating system). In some cases, a proxy server had been installed because the firewall in place did not offer caching capabilities. In either case, I ask you to consider implementing a firewall or upgrading it to support caching. If you choose to implement a proxy server, beware of httptunnel.

Below are the proxy server links for Red Hat Linux:
Red Hat Stronghold version 3.x Squid Web Proxy Cache 2.5
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This was last published in November 2002

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