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Providing new access from a thinnet backbone

I am currently installing a fiber Gigabit backbone with Cisco switches to some of my IDF's. The existing backbone is on thinnet. I need to allow users on the Thinnet backbone access to the servers that will be moved to the new backbone, since not all IDF's will be wired with fiber. What is the best way to provide access to my servers from the thinnet backbone?
It is difficult to provide the perfect answer without seeing a schematic of your backbone infrastructure, however, this shouldn?t really be too difficult. Set up a Cisco router and connect it to both backbones. Assuming you?re using IP, allow IP traffic from your servers to traverse through the router onto the thinnet backbone, this will provide server access to users on both backbones. The only problem you may encounter is that thinnet isn?t really a supported medium anymore, so newer equipment may not have a thinnet interface. Try to locate an older router or hub that supports both thinnet and 10BaseT. If you can?t find one, you can try to buy one from a computer recycler. They?re usually pretty good at providing obsolete equipment.
This was last published in June 2001

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