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I am a project manager, PMP for short, and have been one for a long time now. I've created and managed a myriad of product introductions, and process and RDBMS developments. It's what I love to do.

Unfortunately I've also been out of work for the last year due to the high-tech bubble bursting. In this time I have also been taking several on-line e-business courses. Not the hands-on programming courses mind you, the ones related to my field like how do you make sure security issues are addressed, what are the various programming languages to do this or that and when its best to use them (and what are their shortcomings), and so on and so forth. Although I do have a good handle on HTML and moderate knowledge of SQL, C/C++, Javascript and CGI/Perl getting weaker from not being a hands-on person. I really do not have an interest in going back into being a hands-on developer. Thus with that said, the feedback I'm getting from recruiters is that employers want to know first (before they take the time to interview me) through something formal that I actually do understand and recognize the issues related to IT and e-biz projects. Now I've been aware of CompTIA's IT Project+ certification for a few months. The firm answer I don't have is whether its actually recognized in IT circles the way CIM is for management or CSC is for finance.

Opinions? Any feedback would certainly be appreciated.
Project+ is neither the best nor the worst as project management credentials go. It's not a bad place to start, but if you do want to be taken seriously as a PM professional, I urge you to investigate the offerings from the Project Management Institute, whose Project Management Professional (PMP) cert is probably the best known and most valuable of the various certs that fall into this category (for more information, visit www.pmi.org).

Also, I recently did some Web-only content for Certification magazine entitled "CloseUp: Project Management" that you may be able to access through http://www.certmag.com/articles/templates/cmag_webonly.asp?articleid=106&zoneid=33. I say "may" because you may not be able to access it without joining the Web site first (it's free, but they will collect your e-mail address.)

HTH, and good luck with your certs.

This was last published in March 2003

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