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PBX system training

Is there independent study course from manufacturers on PBX system. There are some jobs opening in Hawaii but they require experience.
Using numerous Web searches, I found plenty of classroom training for PBX systems from various vendors (Nortel, Avaya, etc.) but nothing really meaningful in self-study form, either online or using standalone self-study materials. Given the importance of interacting with big, expensive pieces of equipment, I think I understand why this might be the case. If you really want to get up to speed on PBX systems and technologies, it looks like you might have to go to class somewhere.

See if you can find out what manufacturer provides the systems for which the jobs are posted, then follow that path to get the best and most relevant training (most PBX vendors have active, well-documented and accessible training programs).

Good luck!

This was last published in May 2003

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