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Open source network applications

Karl Triebes shares his thoughts on open source network applications.

What are your thoughts on open source network applications? Are open source apps hard to manage and do they leave the network open to attacks?

In general (for all technology needs, not specifically Application Delivery Networking), I don't draw much of a line between open source and commercial offerings, I try to look at it more generally to try and find the "right tool for the job", and the total cost to the business of any given solution (including one-time and on-going man hours that may be required with either solution, but more-so open source).

In the case of Application Delivery Networking in particular, I would say the open source community doesn't have a solution yet. There are some isolated projects that each offer a tiny fraction of the needed functionality, but even adding them all together we're still 99 yards shy of the finish line -- open source honestly doesn't have a solution yet: this is an area where open source offerings are still in their very early stages.

This was last published in June 2006

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