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Not receiving e-mail from specific co-worker

I am unable to receive e-mails from the a specific user at work. I can send to her just fine, but when she replies back to me, I don't receive the e-mail. She doesn't receive any error messages, and neither do I. How can I troubleshoot this to determine if the error resides on her side or mine?? Smtp commands??
THANK you for your time!!
The problem is on your companies mail server, gateway or firewall. I would contact your companies IT department and have them search the mail host for that domain. See if that domain is reaching your mail relay. I would also check the firewall and gateway to see if it is being blocked there. I have had this happen to customers in the past. The company I was working for was purchasing 1 million in equipment per year from a major manufacturer and suddenly we could not communicate with them. It took two months for them to find the problem and admit it was on their end. Apparently, someone sent them a virus from our domain and their gateway blocked all email from our domain. They claimed it was a glitch in their software but it was basically corporate nonsense.

It could also be some kind of Spam blocker on the mail server. Your best bet is to contact the Mail server admins.

This was last published in August 2002

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