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New wireless certifications

What are your thoughts on the new Wireless certifications - CWNA and CWSP?
Wireless technology is incredibly popular right now, and the certified wireless network professional certs (CWNA and CWNP) are attracting a lot of interest right now. On the plus side, the program's recommended by several leading manufacturers and professional associations, it's got lots of training outlet partners, already has study guides, practice tests, and other support materials, and plenty of buzz. On the minus side, it's been out for a short while, certified population numbers are either non-existent or so hard to find that I couldn't come up with them, and the technology is changing very, very quickly. Also, a quick visit to monster.com, dice.com, and other job sites produces no listings that mention CWNA or CWSP.

According to my usual analysis of cert programs, it's still too early to tell if this one is a big winner or not. That said, if this topic really interests you, the investment in obtaining one or the other is not to prohibitive as to prevent you from doing it just for your own personal enrichment. In that case, why not go for it!

This was last published in June 2003

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