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Network printer difficulty

I have problem in networking my printer. We have three printers in our office, one of them is part of the network and the other two are out of the network. I want to have the option of selecting one of those printers and print stuffs on the selected printers. We have a DSL connection, where the modem is connected to a 16-port switch and from the switch the wires go to the multiple socket Ethernet panel. The modem is connected to the telephone line. Now both (the modem and the switch) are in a one room separate from the computers ...all of them scattered in different rooms. Each room has an Ethernet socket. The printer, which is part of the network, has a wire to the power outlet and one to the telephone jack or Ethernet jack (I'm not sure). Other two printers have only one wire connected to the power outlet. Also they don't have any RJ sockets in them like the one, which is already connected to the network. Now how to I have those two printers be part of the network? Do I have to download the printer drivers in each computer? Also I tried to download the driver for one of the printers, and when I went thru the printer wizard among the list of printer manufacturers I didn't find the name of the manufacturer for this printer...so does that mean I have to load it thru hard disk?
You can do one of two things. These printers do not have network cards and therefore do not have IP addresses. You can share the printer from the computers they are attached to or you can buy an external Jet Admin box for them. If you share them locally the PC they are attached to will need to be on at all times. If you buy the external Jet Admin box then the printer will be independent of the computer. I suggest the Jet Admin box.

This was last published in September 2002

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