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Need help setting up an IP phone demo

Learn how to set up a an IP phone to connect from dial-up to an office via an ADSL modem in this expert response with our networking infrastructure and project management expert, Carrie Higbie.

I have been asked to set up a demo for an IP phone to connect from dial-up to our office via an ADSL modem. Is this even possible? If so, please advise me how to do it. I am using Windows XP and I have downloaded the IP phone software from Nortel. All the components are Nortel-based products.
Basically when you connect to the Internet via dial-up (although I do not recommend this for VoIP), you would configure your softphone to use the services at your office either through VPN or some other means. The setup for this should be in your softphone software. Nortel's website has some great information on how this works, including diagrams. I would suggest looking there first since it is their product and of course, the software is going to be a bit different for each type of softphone used. You will also want to set your compression rate to something favorable to your type of connection.
This was last published in March 2006

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