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NCC certification

Is the NCC certification (IDCS, AID, and degree in Computer Studies) a well recognized certification?
Alas, as a European-based certification program with strong academic tie-ins and requirements, I can't seem to get a handle on most of the specifics for this material beyond a plethora of course catalogs and offerings announcements. This is a new certification program to me, but appears from its descriptions to be a reasonably well designed and ?marketed offering, as evidenced by the number of institutions that offer this credential. The www.nccedu.com site promises all kinds of support, general availability and recognition, and their ECDL/ICDL program is well known and respected throughout the world. That said, I have a hard time finding independent commentary or coverage on this program from reliable third parties.

Unfortunately, this means my answer to your question is that I really can't tell how well recognized the NCC certifications might be. I'd suggest that you might want to contact local IT companies, staffing or recruitment firms, and even local colleges and universities to get their take on this interesting set of offerings. I see nothing inherently questionable or wrong with it, but I don't see ringing endorsements for it in the trade or business press, either.

One more thing: Since the ICDS is accepted as a pre-requisite for advanced degrees or academic training, it's at least as good as other computer science or computer studies diplomas available. Given its broad international focus, coverage, and availability, it's probably worth investigating further.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help in this instance.

This was last published in April 2003

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