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Multiple connections through an MPLS-based VPN

Our expert, Carrie Higbie, speaks to the the possibility of having multiple connections through an MPLS-based VPN for offices in three different locations.

I have three offices in different locations in the city of New Delhi. Can I connect all the three offices through an MPLS based VPN? My service provider says this is only possible if I buy three leased lines from him. Is it not possible to get MPLS VPN through ADSL 2 plus modems? If it is possible, please explain the network architecture too.
You are better off with leased lines. Technically, you can do it over DSL provided that all of the equipment understands the traffic and quality of service, point to point services, etc. As for the architecture -- you can have all lines point back to a single place or you can have redundant lines that go from site to site as well for backup.
This was last published in September 2006

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