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Monitoring Internet bandwidth

I would like to know what would be a good product to monitor the usage of the Internet bandwidth? I already have MRTG to monitor the total bandwidth. What I'm looking for is a description of what is going through the pipe (e.g., MSN, Kazaa or is everyone going to CNN.com?). Basically I'm looking for a detailed view of the Internet traffic.
What you are seeking is some sort of IP content traffic management system that will provide you with an analysis of the bandwidth. There are quite a few products out there; some are hardware with some great capabilities, while other software-based ones tend to be a cheaper solution for the people who don't require the "Rolls Royce" of these products.

I personally haven't used any such products, but the reviews I've read about the hardware-based solutions are pretty impressive. I'd like to point you towards Yahoo's Internet Directory (Internet traffic management) where you'll be able to explore in your own time and find the solution that will best suite you.

Good luck!

This was last published in March 2005

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