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Mid-range VoIP phones

We are a small company with 10 stores. Our stores are going to be linked with cable or DSL, in an effort to create a WAN having a computer in each store, and a main computer at Headquarters. I can't justify buying higher end VoIP phones, routers, etc. but I want something better than low end $39.99 56k "VoIP" phones controlled by another company. Is there a middle ground I'm missing between $39.99 and $200,000?
Yes, there are some phones in this range. Take a look at the Cisco 827-4V which has an Ethernet port to PC, a ADSL port, and 4 analog ports for regular phones. The list price of Cisco 827-4V is $999. You do need to be careful about the performance of the DSL line (or cable modem service.) DSL line quality will have a significant impact - you need to be aware of the latency and jitter expected on the service. ( SearchNetworking.com has some excellent advice on reducing jitter and delay.)You also need to know what the expected load on the DSL line will be so that the utilization is not high thereby degrading the VoIP calls.
This was last published in May 2003

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