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Microwave transmissions

In reference to this article, Lasers hit the spot when wires can't cut it - what about the problem that microwave transmission has with severe weather cutting signal? Plus the fact that cities have their own micro weather patterns which could affect signal.
As this paper talks about lasers, it is a bit different than microwaves. The laser solution that Rendon mentions in the article is a line of site transmission. Microwaves will not hurt this signal in the way that you, I think, are thinking. Microwave interference with transmission signals is an effect of scrambling the waves or altering wave patterns in the airwaves. This is a very real effect. However, the laser point-to-point solution uses light as opposed to an RF signal. It is not effective in weather that "hurts" light, for instance dense fog or smog or rain that is hard enough to provide a sheeting effect. The farther the distance of the laser, the easier the weather can harm it. It is not a solution for every instance.

Personally, I would rather have the "wired" links, but in some cases, it is a good solution.

This was last published in September 2003

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