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Making servers on a Layer 3 switch members of VLANS

In this response, our routing and switch expert, Sudhanshu Gupta, explains how to make servers on a Layer 3 switch members of VLANS on stacked Layer 2 switches.

I am using a Nortel Layer 3 switch of which I have all my servers. This switch is connected to a stack of Layer 2 switches with a gigabit uplink. I want to define multiple VLANs on the stacked Layer 2 switches, which I am able to do. All my servers, which are on the Layer 3 switch, need to become members of all the VLANs. Please advise how to configure the same to achieve the best possible performance.
I would suggest to create port-based VLANs and assign the ports on the switch to the specific VLAN you want them to be part of. Also, configure the VLAN trunks.
This was last published in October 2006

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