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I am presently working in India. I have a MCSE (track 4) and a CCNA. I am wondering whether to pursue CCNP or MCSE (track 2k) as my next certification. My job is more systems and networking in nature. I am interested in finding a job in US; which of these can help me more (though I know the markets are not good)?
Unfortunately, neither a CCNP or an MCSE is an outright ticket to a good job these days, but neither credential will hurt you, either. If you want to work more on the networking infrastructure side of the business, I recommend pursuing Cisco; if you want to work more with systems and the departmental/LAN side of the business, I recommend the MCSE.

Either one should help you persuade employers to take you more seriously. Thus, your choice should be dictated more by how you want to spend your time -- that is, what type of job you'd like to see yourself doing -- rather than by which one is more likely to produce the good job you so obviously seek.

Good luck,
This was last published in October 2001

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