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Looking to measure performance results? Answer the following first

I have a problem in gathering the performance results for an application. The application is a web-based application that communicates to Web server, application server, middleware and then to the mainframe systems. I want to measure the tier-wise (i.e. Web tier, app. Tier, etc.) performance results. Is it possible? If so what tool I could use. Your suggestions will be of great help. Thanks
Unfortunately, this ends up being a bit of an empty answer for lack of information. But this might be helpful for those trying to answer this same question for themselves.

There isn't any one tool/solution that will fit all needs. There are too many variables. So to know which one fits for you, I would have to know the following:

  1. Are you looking for shareware or commercial grade systems? In other words, how much are you willing to pay?
  2. Are you using industry standard systems like WebLogic for middle tier or open source systems like Tomcat?
  3. What other technologies are you running? JSP or ASP? mySQL or Oracle?
  4. Are your services running on Windows or Linux?
  5. Are you running fully redundant with failover on multiple servers? Or a single server?
There are a wide range of commercial products available and some reasonably good shareware products too. Figure out your requirements and budget and tailor to your needs.
This was last published in July 2003

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