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Lock machines to prevent modifying network settings

We an Internet connection in our office with a DSL modem having an Ethernet port. At now we are giving the connection from DSL modem to our switch. It is working fine but some of the staff (not authorized to use the Internet) are misusing it by getting its IP address and writing in their paces default gateway.

We want to make the connection secure and available to those who are authorized to use Internet in our office.
You may want to consider locking down these user machines, thereby preventing them from modifying their network settings.

I am assuming you have some type of SOHO router/switch. Most of them, depending on the brand have the capability to control traffic by application port or IP address. You will need to consult the documentation to determine if your device has those features. If not, you will need to consider purchasing one with that functionality built in.

This was last published in December 2002

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