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Linking PKI and PMK infrastructures

In this Q&A, Mike Puglia explains how to link PKI and PMK infrastructures.

I cannot seem to link PKI and the PMK infrastructures together at any level. They both seem to do the same thing in different ways. Is there one big flow chart or hierarchy diagram to see the whole picture? Any information or links are a big help.
A good article is posted on Wikipedia. The PKI (or "Public") part of this comes into play with proving the identity of the network to the user. This is done via a digital certificate on the RADIUS server. So, when you authenticate using WPA/WPAv2, you select an EAP method. The most popular are PEAP or TTLS, which check the identity of the RADIUS server before passing your login information. Just like visiting an SSL website, the RADIUS server will have a digital certificate loaded on it, and if it is from a trusted source (Verisign, Entrust, etc.), your machine will trust that the network is how it says it is and will send credentials.
This was last published in October 2006

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