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LastLogon attributes

Is there a tool that is available that would allow me to see when a computer last logged on to the domain? When I look in Server Manager, the computer name is displayed but the computer icon is grey, which means that it is currently not connected to the domain. I'm trying to do a cleanup of the computer names on the server and I want to remove all of the inactive ones.
Are we talking about NT or 2k? My first approach would probably be to look for the LastLogon attribute for user and computer objects if it's a 2K AD domain. I don't think that this value is replicated, so you must retrieve the value from each domain controller. If you are comfortable working with scripts check out Microsoft TechNet - Computer Management - Enumerate Computer Accounts


There's also aftermarket software that will accomplish this task. Listed below is several for you to checkout.

This was last published in May 2003

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