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Just as IPv6 will take the place of IPv4, when will we see the likes of IPv8 or IPv9?

Just as IPv6 will take the place of IPv4, when will we see the likes of IPv8 or IPv9?
You're in good company, many people ask this question. Most of you have probably heard about activities in Asia introducing a new version. There are concerns about control of the Internet.

Currently, IPv6 is the only alternative to IPv4. It is mature, tested and robust. I can only give you my personal opinion and you may get as many answers to this questions as you ask people. I do believe that IPv6 is the Internet protocol for the following two decades at least (after all, we've had IPv4 for almost 30 years). It will peacefully coexist with IPv6 and soon we will have applications and services that are so cool, that we cannot remember how we dealt with an IPv4 only Internet.

Also I do believe that ultimately everyone that tries to control and dominate the Internet and free and secure information exchange between people will ultimately fail. Because it is against the nature of the Internet.

This was last published in December 2004

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