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Is there even a slightest possibility of classifying VoIP as a basic service?

Is there even a slightest possibility of classifying VoIP as a basic service? Does the mere possibility of VoIP being in real time for a fraction of a second warrant it being defined as a basic service?
If you look at the definition of a basic service: Basic service: 1. A pure transmission capability over a communication path that is virtually transparent in terms of its interaction with customer-supplied information. 2. The offering of transmission capacity between two or more points suitable for a user's transmission needs and subject only to the technical parameters of fidelity and distortion criteria, or other conditioning.

The basic service really applies to the transmission capacity and channel, not the service that runs over it. A basic service element is a service to which a customer can subscribe or decline above the basic service.

So I guess in answer to your question, the VoIP service runs over a basic service telecommunications channel (i.e. a T-1 (basic service) line). If the T-1 was dedicated you could argue on the basis of capacity, but it wouldn't hold up in court so to speak.

This was last published in January 2004

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