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Is there any way to define the bandwidth for each user of local network in an ISA server?

Is there any way to define the bandwidth for each user of local network in an ISA server? Our ISA server is working as gateway for the Internet traffic.
ISA server provides a good policy based access control, but it doesn't include bandwidth control on a user base. The only good way to control bandwidth in ISA is by prioritizing network traffic. By default ISA only provides Site and Content rule, but allows you to create additional policies based on different policy elements such as:
  • Bandwidth priorities
  • Content
  • Destination sets, and
  • Protocol definitions.
These elements form an important part of access control. The bandwidth priority allows you to set priorities for inbound and outbound traffic. ISA server passes the packets for protocol that has the highest priority. You can set bandwidth priorities to optimize resource allocation, prioritizing bandwidth by user, group, application, destination site, or content type. If you intend to create bandwidth quotas, consider using third party software available as add-on modules to ISA.
This was last published in April 2004

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