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Is there any private/public IP address range in IPv6?

Learn about private and public IP address ranges in IPv6 in this expert response by Silvia Hagen.

Is there any private/public IP address range in IPv6? Could you suggest some books regarding IPv6 concepts?


Hi Vinod,

Yes, there is. Any interface configured for IPv6 always has a link-local address which starts with FE80 and can only be used on the link. Then there are Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses which are to be used within a site and should never be routed to the Internet. They are defined in RFC 4193.

So an IPv6 interface will generally have a link-local address, maybe a unique local address plus a global unicast address.

I have not seen a book yet which really describes these concepts. IPv6 Essentials and other books that I know so far describe how the protocol is designed and works and also how you can configure different features on different operating systems. To understand this is important, if you want to go into any type of planning and creating transition strategies. If you look for a book which describes how to create an addressing strategy or a dual-stack security strategy, I believe that has yet to be written.


This was last published in March 2007

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