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Is there an efficient routing protocol for complete integration between cellular and wireless networ

I would like to know there's an efficient routing protocol for a complete integration between cellular network and wireless network ad hoc (I.E. Dynamic Adaptive Routing Protocol.)
Today? No. Tomorrow? Who knows?? The problem we face with the convergence of many different network technologies is that the architectures are fundamental different. As such, in order to implement a protocol such as the Dynamic Adaptive Routing Protocol (DARP) legacy cellular phone systems require a significant upgrade or re-architecture.

For those interested, the Dynamic Adaptive Routing Protocol (DARP) is a theoretical routing protocol designed to dynamically route information either over an ad-hoc wireless LAN or via a GSM network according to which is the preferred route (based on various network metrics). There are many inherent political and technical problems with DARP such as the requirement for standardization of Quality of Service (QoS) (something that the foundation of the internet, IPv4, failed to do and IPv6 may also fail at) as well as the requiring the retrofitting of (legacy) GSM networks to support it.

If we evaluate the business case of the re-engineering of the GSM network to support an efficient routing protocol that allows for users cellular phones to use least-cost routing and choose between a (cheap) local wireless connection or the telco's (more expensive) GSM network then we find that the telecommunications companies would incur significant costs during the re-design, only to reduce their subsequent revenue (which sounds almost reminiscent of the dot-com era to me.)

This was last published in June 2003

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