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Is there a way to automate shut/no shut on my Cisco 1760 router?

I have a remote site connected with a Cisco 1760 router and a tiger stack (smc) hub. All devices on the hub lose connectivity including the hub intermittently. The Ethernet port on the router is still up. A shut/no shut on the Ethernet brings the hub and devices back on the network. Have you seen any thing like this before? Is there a way to automate shut/no shut on the Ethernet whenever this happens?
It's not shutting down of the interface that makes things go, but when you shut it down all the buffers are cleared and interface starts fresh. So for some time it gets going good but then the problem starts again. The culprit is on the stack or in some machine. You need to check the number of machines and hubs that are there on your machine. There may be a bad NIC, which is sending broadcasts. And, being on hub all machines get it and try to respond to it resulting in flooding of the network. So possible suggesting could be to segment your network using switches. Check to see if there is any bad cable. Check to see if there is any bad NIC card or bad driver.

You can use debugs and show commands on the router to troubleshoot this.

This was last published in September 2003

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