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Is there a meter that is compatible with the Microsoft MN-730 wireless card?

I have the Microsoft MN-730 wireless card and the bar meter makes it impossible to fine-tune my external antenna. Is there a meter that is compatible with this card?
Running commercial WLAN analyzer hardware or software on another PC would be an accurate way to measure generated signal strength, but I assume you are hoping for a free/inexpensive alternative. Microsoft's MN-730 is supposedly OEM'ed from Accton and based on the Broadcom "54g" chipset. I have not heard that this PCI card works with other-vendor WLAN client software, but you might find a compatible utility for another 54g PCI card listed on this page. You might also look at signal strength as reported by your access point, try using Kensington's WiFi Finder, or put your PCI card into peer-to-peer mode and run NetStumbler on another PC.
This was last published in December 2003

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