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Is it possible to set my router up to get 3MB of throughput from an Ethernet port using both of my t

I have a Cisco 2620 with 2 wic T1 cards. Is it possible to set my router up to get 3MB of throughput from the Ethernet port using both T1s? What would the configuration (startup-config) be?
I'm not sure why you would want to limit yourself to 3Mb when your Ethernet port will go up to 10Mb. However, if there is a reason to do so, I would suggest that you configure the QOS and restrict the bandwidth to 3Mb. Then enter the commands below. Also, you should check the IOS, the router model and the command interpretation before applying.
Create a traffic class:
Router(config)# class-map class1
Router(config-cmap)# match access-group 101
Router(config-cmap)# exit

Create a policy:
Router(config)# policy-map policy1
Router(config-pmap)# class class1
Router(config-pmap-c)# bandwidth 3000
Router(config-pmap-c)# queue-limit 30
Router(config-pmap)# exit

Attaching it to Interface:
Router(config)# interface e1/1
Router(config-if)# service-policy output policy1
Router(config-if)# exit

This was last published in June 2004

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