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Is it possible to make a router from scratch?

I am going to do my final year project and I want to make a router -- meaning a hardware router. Is this possible?...

That indeed is an exciting project but making a hardware router isn't an easy thing. As it needs a lot of understanding on routing technology and how does CPUs gets interrupts and lot many other things. I can help you as far as technology is concerned. But making a chipset, designing hardware interfaces would difficult for me. I would suggest you to change your project a little bit and try to use a PC based software for routing and to see how can you use it in your project.

If you are determined, I would suggest you to go to boson.com and download their router simulator software - that would give you an idea what the final product should look like. Apart from that zebra.org is another good site. Also getting a feel of Linux would be another good idea.

The rest is up to you. Let me know what help you need from me should you decide to go for a hardware router.

This was last published in August 2003

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