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Is it possible to configure a VoIP system using ISA Server?

Is it possible to configure a VoIP system using ISA Server?

I was thinking about implementing a small system of a couple accounts, software based, for demo purposes. I just need to show the advantages and issues of a VoIP system to decision makers. I found some free software but the best ones only work on Linux. I need to run it on Win2K server. I thought that ISA 2000 could give me a hand on that and I don't have performance concerns. Can you give me a hint?
It depends on the VoIP system, what you are trying to configure, etc. If you are talking about management type configuration of the system, depending on the VoIP vendor, administrators generally have the option of a dial-up session or a telnet session. You should be able to telnet out of your ISA server.

If you are asking about running a VoIP system on your ISA server, I would not recommend it. I am assuming you bought your ISA server for the acceleration that it provides and adding a VoIP softswitch to it would be adding a level of complexity and overhead that may prove to be undesirable.

If you do an Internet search on IP softphones, there are several that run on Windows. I would not recommend the "free" ones, as tech support is generally not an option. You could, however, request a 30 day demo from some of the vendors, and many will allow that, some even have 30 day downloads to try on their sites. The largest advantage of the VoIP solution, as you probably already know, is that you eliminate tolls where IP to IP telephony exists.

This was last published in July 2003

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