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Is it possible to add a wireless access point to a remote access router?

Is it possible to add a wireless access point to a remote access router? My church has ISDN connection but we need to extend the network to enable wireless access to the internet from the building. Is this possible?
Depending on your router type, it might be possible to purchase an additional wireless module which usually fits inside a special free slot of your router. In most cases, this solution proves to be very expensive and there are only a handful of equipment that will support it, Cisco of course being one of them.

In addition, wireless networks can be a source of problems and an open invitation for nearby people with access to wireless laptops or other similar devices. With this in mind, you must be totally confident that your wireless network is properly secured from the public by using the recommended security measures that can be easily found on our site.

Closing, I'd advise you to research on alternatives and other type of wireless configurations in order to save money and find a less expensive implementation.

This was last published in September 2004

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