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Is it possible to access a computer residing in an ADSL network?

Is it possible to access a computer residing in an ADSL network? That's because such a network has an ADSL router hiding the LAN computers IPs. Then it is not possible even to ping a computer residing in an ADSL network. The main problem is I cannot use XP remote connection to another computer residing in an ADSL network. (Both machines are in different ADSL networks).
The answer you want lies within your router or DSL modem. Generally, if you are using any type of firewall or NAT your addresses are "non-routable" private addresses. In order to access a machine on the other side of the router, you will need to set up a router or other service to provide PROXY services, that is it will take a public address and map it to a private address on the other side. Be very careful what ports and applications that you want to proxy as if left wide open your protection is shot.
This was last published in April 2004

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