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Is an associates degree enough for net admin?

I am currently going to college to obtain an Associates Degree in Network Administration, will that be enough to get me a job as a network administrator, and if not, what else would I need to get a job?
Dear David:
These days finding a job is tricky for just about anyone. If all you have is an associate's degree with no experience and no certifications, you may find it more difficult than it would otherwise be if you had experience and/or certifications. My advice is to start looking for a job now, to get a sense of what your market is like. I also urge you to volunteer, take a temp job, or find some other way to gain some hands-on networking experience by hook or by crook. In a strong economy, your AS degree would probably be enough to get you placed; as things currently stand, you should probably talk to your institution's placement office and see if they can give you some concrete pointers or recommendations to help make you as attractive a job prospect as possible.

Good luck!

This was last published in October 2002

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