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Is WPA2 secure enough for a commercial business wireless network?

Our expert explains whether industry standard WPA2 is secure enough for wireless commercial business networks, in this response.

How secure is WPA2 in wireless networking on commercial business networks?
There continue to be attacks against wireless systems and in particular WPA. These attacks have focused on offloading the cracking process to video cards and targeting weaknesses in TKIP. WPA and WPA2 are alike only in name and in that they both support two modes of security. The weaker of the two is basically a personal user mode that uses a pre-shared key much like WEP while the second is better suited for the corporate world. This second implementation supports EAP and has a more secure authentication system as well as the ability to use 802.1x. When these items are combined along with the improved encryption of AES and EAP-TLS to handle key distribution you have a fairly robust system.
This was last published in August 2009

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