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Internet Explorer directly in the start menu

I work for the networking department at a local college. We have the start menu so that all the user can see is the programs and then to get to the Web, they must click Internet Explorer and enter a password for it to open. We are using 2000 active directory and in 2000 when you double click the programs button in the start menu, this brings up a browser, and the users can then type in their address to the Internet without entering a password. I want to know how to disable the programs button in the start menu and then we could put Internet Explorer directly in the start menu. Please let me know if you can help. I am sure that this can be done in the registry or something.
Have you defined an Automatic Configuration Script (\Tools\Internet Options\Connections\LAN Settings) in Internet Explore to enforce password prompt for users? You may want to check out Policies and Restrictions for Internet Explore 6.0 Administration Kit (IEAK) to further customize IE. As for disabling Start\Programs\ to prevent Win2K users from accessing the Internet without entering password, have you tried using a Local Security Policy to disable the Programs folder access to specific computers/users?

Remember to set the Internet Zone to High for your browsers.

Let me know if this provided the information you were seeking.

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This was last published in July 2002

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