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International FDDI network

Could you kindly let me know what are the security issues that I need to consider when implementing a FDDI network for a MNC with 3 foreign branches?
If you're implementing FDDI for a multi-national corporation, you probably aren't implementing FDDI all the way to the foreign branches, owing to the extremely high expense involved. Thus, I assume you're asking about security issues relevant to linking a local FDDI ring to some kind of WAN link that will tie multiple sites together.

If I'm correct in my assumption, your concerns are no different from any networking situation where LANs are connected to the Internet or other public networking infrastructures. For each site, I'd suggest placing screening routers at the outer periphery of a DMZ, situating hardened servers that offer public or external access within the DMZ (with highly secure, mirrored servers inside the DMZ on the private side of one or more networks), with firewalls on the private side of the DMZ).

I'd also urge you to take advantage of regular security scans and to deploy intrusion detection systems (IDS) on the firewall.

This was last published in November 2001

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