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Interconnect 30 offices

I'm writing from Mexico DF. We are an ERP provider and we have a customer that needs to interconnect their 30 offices (scattered throughout Mexico) to the corporate office in D.F. to have access to our application that works under SQL Server 2000. The application and database have to reside in the corporate office.

We thought about a service based on ADSL technology, this service is very successful with home users in Mexico because of low prices but we're afraid to recommend this kind of service to a customer.

We also thought about leased lines, but it's a very expensive solution. What do you think would work better?
It depends on the number of employees at each office and the SQL application. If the offices are small and the SQL application is a Web-based application than you can use DSL at each office. If it is a LAN based application you will need to set up VPN routers at each location through DSL. This will not be as reliable as a leased line but it will be much cheaper than 30 fractional T1's.

This was last published in November 2002

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