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In respect to the job market, what are the some of the technologies and skills that will be in deman

In respect to the job market, what are the some of the technologies and skills that will be in demand in the near...

future? First a flippant answer, then some educated guesses.

Flippant answer: If I knew that for sure, I'd be a rich man real soon!

Educated guesses:

  • Databases stand behind virtually all major business processes and operations, so you can't go wrong by going into DBMS stuff. Of the certifications available, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL are your best bets.
  • Anything security related these days is at least interesting, if not downright hot. Of special interest on the vendor neutral side, CISSP, SANS GIAC, Security+.
  • With 95% of the world's desktops and 37% and rising of the world's servers, Microsoft, though not as popular as it once was, is still pretty important stuff to know.
  • Cisco's programs continue to do well, particularly professional level certs, wireless and security specializations, and the CCIE in all tracks.

  • This was last published in July 2004

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